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Family run business in Yorkshire selling CBD


Our CBD Shop – Our Family Run Business

Welcome to Our CBD Shop. Our dedicated website for CBD products that stands alone form our company website www.ilovezero.co.uk.

“I Love Zero” is a family run business located in Pocklington. Borne from our desire to minimise our ecological impacts on the planet.

‘I Love Zero’ offers customers an alternative to buying their dry goods from the supermarket in unnecessary single use plastic packaging. Where possible, it will be free from all non recyclable packaging and organic. 

We source UK grown produce from trusted and known suppliers; and it was this connection with a local CBD manufacturer that led us to set up Our CBD Shop.

We started to sell CBD products in our bricks and mortar shop, they became popular, but we hit a problem when we started to add those products to our main I Love Zero website.

Many online companies regard CBD as a high risk product. Although completely legal to sell in the UK and many other countries, the world wide wed and some of the big tech players players penalised our main website www.ilovezero.co.uk because CBD was listed.

We were blocked from advertising on Google, and Stripe banned us from using their subscription payment gateway which meant we could not sell CBD products on a subscription plan through www.ilovezero.co.uk.

We therefore setup www.ourcbdshop.co.uk to avoid any detrimental conflicts with our main shops website www.ilovezero.co.uk

So thats the story behind www.ourcbdshop.co.uk but who is behind the shop?

The key people in our business are: Husband and wife team Theresa Brindley and Paul Cusick. Theresa is front of house while Paul is the wizard behind the curtains.

Together we bring a wealth of skills and experiences from our professional backgrounds. We know we work well together as we have been a couple for 27 years and have three grown up children. We have also supported each other in diversifying our career paths over the years. 

Setting up “I Love Zero” has been the culmination of a lot of soul searching, family discussions, conversations with friends and colleagues, researching, planning, decision-making and faith-leaping (if that’s a phrase?)

It started with a simple objective of helping us all live a more sustainable lifestyle.

Once we decided on what these were, it made choosing what we stocked and who we worked with easy.

  • We offer sustainable, good quality products that look after our environment and ourselves.

  • We handpick companies that are independent and as local to us as possible. 

  • We pick companies that share our values of sustainability, fair-wage, fair trade, using ethically sourced ingredients, whilst maintaining great quality products.

Every decision we make supports our green ethos…

  • Our energy suppliers are green.

  • Our bag and apron suppliers use recycled material.

  • Every product is vegan.

  • Even our shop sign was made from recycled wood originating from a wooden pallet used to deliver our products.

We have done the research, and curate products that help you shopping a little greener.

We are proud of what we have been able to achieve and love the direction our business is heading. We hope you will love it too and join us in our journey.

We want green shopping to be cost effective and accessible to all.

We are all aware of the impact that fast, cheap production is having on our health and our environment. We believe that is a higher price to pay. We do try, however, to charge a fair price.

The “Love” part of our name is important to us. 

  • We love our environment and want to take conscious actions to look after it. 

  • We love the feeling of doing our bit to look after our planet. 

  • We love our products because of what they stand for and what they are helping achieve.

Join us on our Journey.