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Reakiro CBD for sale


When we look for suppliers of CBD products to ourcbdshop, one essential requirement is all CBD products are Vegan. Not all Reakiro CBD products are Vegan so we’ve done the groundwork and curated those that are. We beileve that by buying only vegan products we use the power of your spending money to persuade manufacturers to shift to Vegan products.

Now this is what Reakiro say about themselves: “Reakiro is one of the few European manufacturers to consistently trace the entire product lifecycle from seed to sale. Where most producers outsource the extraction to third parties, all our CBD oil is manufactured in our own HACCP, GMP, GHP certified facility through an advanced hyper cryogenic ethanol extraction.

In order to guarantee it’s premium quality, we work with independent, qualified and specialized cannabinoid testing laboratories for biomass and spot testing of all our products.

To meet Reakiro’s high-quality standards, we use traceable batch codes printed on each individual product label for complete transparency and reliability.

All these ensure that our customers are using trusted, reliable and consistent products.”