CBD capsules are perfect for easy dosage at any time of the day. Available in a variety of strengths to suit any need, our capsules are the easiest way to explore the wonders of CBD.

Available in different strengths.

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Hassle-free CBD Dosing

CBD capsules are great for those who don’t want to fuss over their CBD routine. Each gel capsule comes precisely filled with pure CBD oil, making it easy to plan out your CBD intake throughout the day. If you’re interested in exploring the benefits of CBD in the most convenient way possible, give our CBD capsules a try. If instead you’re looking for a more adjustable CBD dose check out our range of CBD isolate oils.

Pure CBD and nothing else

HempWell capsules are made from our pure CBD isolate, with a guaranteed purity of over 99.9%. They are non-GMO, contain no heavy metals or additives, and are completely tasteless and odourless. If you’re looking for the purest possible CBD experience, our CBD capsules are a perfect fit.

Good for You, Good for the Planet

CBD gel capsules are made from 100% natural-origin, sustainably sourced ingredients. We want to give our customers peace of mind to enjoy CBD without worrying about environmental impact. It’s an unfortunate truth that many in the CBD industry take shortcuts, sourcing their hemp and other ingredients from unsustainable and unethically run farms, often in developing regions. Not us. Our seed-to-shelf model ensures that whatever HempWell product you buy can be traced back to its origin, and that all our suppliers operate at the highest ethical standards. We also grow our own hemp in a 100% organic way to ensure both quality and sustainability on our end.

Perfect for any CBD Need

Our CBD capsules’ ease of use makes them perfect for tackling a variety of daily challenges. Our capsule bottles come in 750 mg, 950 mg, and 1500 mg variants, meaning each capsule can contain either 15 mg, 25 mg, or 50 mg of pure CBD. Taking these capsules with your morning supplements is an effective way to cultivate the benefits of CBD all day long. Many of our customers use our CBD capsules to help manage chronic pain, anxiety, stress, insomnia, and more. If you’re struggling with any of these conditions and want to explore natural alternatives.

Made in Yorkshire

At I Love Zero, we’re proud of our Yorkshire roots. We’re a Yorkshire brand, born and bred. I Love Zero is located in Pocklington, a small market town located in the East Riding Of Yorkshire. All of HempWells Broad Spectrum CBD oils are made just down the road from us right in their lab at the York Science Park, part of the University of York. They source most of thier ingredients from local Yorkshire suppliers too, so buying CBD products from us supports us, HempWell and many other local Yorkshire businesses.