How Much CBD Should I Take?

It’s a common question that unfortunately doesn’t have a simple answer. The perfect dose will vary depending on a variety of factors. This CBD Dosage guide to help you find out where to start.

Dosage Chart

A great place to start with our easy-to-use dosage chart! Simply find your weight and find recommended products for a low, medium, or high dose. There are other factors to consider too, so please scroll down for more info!

CBD Dosage Chart

How much CBD should I take?

Everyone is different, this means that everyone’s preferred dosage might be slightly different too. This is why our CBD tinctures come with graduated pipettes, so that measuring out small increments and accurate dosages is easy. You may need to experiment slightly to find a dosage that works for you but here is some information for you to start with.

The amount of CBD you take could depend on a range of factors, including:

  • your body weight

  • your individual body chemistry

  • the concentration of CBD in each tablet, capsule, drop, or gummy

  • the condition you are hoping to treat

As with any new supplement, it’s best to start with a smaller dosage and gradually increase it. This could mean starting with 20 to 40 mg a day. After a week, if you feel you want more, increase this amount by 5 mg. Continue this until you feel you’ve reached a dosage you are happy with (up to a max of 70mg as per FSA Guidelines)

Use our handy interactive dosage graph to work out what a low, medium, and high dose would look like for you.

CBD Dosage and Benefits

The range of benefits you can expect from CBD vary greatly depending on how much you take, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the more CBD you take, the better the benefits will be. Each CBD use case is unique, and so is everyone’s biochemistry, and so the main thing to keep in mind is what we always tell our customers: start low, write down your experiences, and build up from there until you find out what works best for you.CBD Pipette

In general however, depending on your needs, you can expect to start at a lower/higher dosage, so let’s go through the most common uses for CBD and explain what a normal dosage would look like.


  • Anxiety: Low- to medium dosage

  • Pain: Medium- to high dosage

  • Insomnia: High dosage

All of our Hempwell CBD Oils come with our graduated pipette, making it easy to control the amount of CBD and use the step-up or down method to find the perfect dosage for you.


How Much CBD Should I Take for Anxiety?

One of the most common reasons our customers cite for using CBD is to help them manage their anxiety, or specific symptoms related to an anxiety disorder. While both of those things might sound the same, they definitely aren’t in practice, and therefore the dosage would be different. If you struggle with feelings of chronic anxiety at a mild level, and especially if you haven’t received a formal diagnosis, you could try a low- to medium CBD dose (e.g. 30mg/day for a 60kg person, approximately 1 pipette’s worth of our 1000mg CBD Oil). From there you can note the observed effects and raise/reduce your dosage accordingly.

To tackle feelings of acute anxiety, or more severe anxiety symptoms, most of our customers find high doses to be right for them (e.g. 50 mg/day for a 60kg person, approximately 1 pipette’s worth of our 1500mg CBD Oil). If you have a formal diagnosis, it’s always important to consult your GP or therapist to see if CBD is right for you.

How Much CBD Should I Take for Pain?

Using CBD for pain relief has become increasingly popular over the last few years, with research pointing to CBD as a possible replacement for opioid painkillers in specific circumstances. Pain is highly subjective and personalised, making it difficult to recommend a specific dose for different levels. Nevertheless, our best source of information is our customers themselves and how they’ve used CBD for arthritis, CBD for joint pain and inflammation and CBD for chronic pain.

If you’re struggling with pain that sits in the background most of the time, a medium dose might be the best starting point. If you suffer from generalised or unpredictable pain, using our CBD Oils will deliver CBD to your body quickly and thoroughly. For chronic pain, you could start on a high dose and use the step-down method.

If however your pain is more localised and predictable, then our CBD topicals/creams are an effective way of tackling pain at the source.


How Much CBD Should I Take for Insomnia?

Many of our customers come into our shop complaining of a lack of sleep, and interestingly most assume that a lower dose would be right for them. In most cases, however, the reverse ends up being true. To be clear, if you have insomnia caused by hormonal imbalances or other physical problems, CBD likely will not help. However, many cases of insomnia are caused by an underlying stress disorder, and this is where CBD comes in. CBD has been shown to have many stress-relieving properties, and as such can help address the underlying cause of insomnia. In the majority of cases, we find that our customers need a high dose of CBD to achieve this. A half-pipette’s worth of our 3000 mg CBD Oil, for example, contains 50 mg of CBD, a high dose for most people. If you struggle with severe insomnia, talk to your doctor or GP about whether CBD is right for you.

CBD Dosage vs. Products

We stock a wide range of CBD products, and as a result the way in which CBD is absorbed by the body varies quite a bit depending on which product you use. The key idea here is called bioavailability. This term simply means how much CBD actually ends up in your bloodstream, so for example a bioavailability of 50% means that half of the CBD ends up usable throughout the whole body, while half is lost or broken down before it enters the circulatory system.

It’s important to note that a high bioavailability doesn’t necessarily mean ‘better’ CBD, as some products act solely on the skin and upper muscle layers. Our skin care and pain relief brands have a high local absorption rate at around 45%, but a bioavailability of effectively 0%. This is why we recommend it for localised pain, as the CBD is absorbed by the skin and muscle, but not for generalised pain. For more generalised symptoms, you should look for higher bioavailability products.

Get the Exact Amount of CBD for You

Our CBD Oils are second highest, offering up to 30% bioavailability when held under the tongue for 60 seconds, making them the de facto CBD product for experimenting with different doses.

Perfect for Low Dosage

Edibles by their nature have lower bioavailability, at around 20%. This is due to the fact that the CBD is absorbed through the digestive system, where CBD can be partly lost in the stomach. However, taking CBD edibles such as CBD Gummies and CBD Capsules is very convenient as they provide set, predictable doses without having to measure out any oil yourself, making them incredibly popular with our customers. If you’re thinking about switching to CBD edibles, consider upping your dose slightly to counteract the lower bioavailability.

There’s Nothing Better for Targeted Relief

As mentioned before, our CBD Topicals technically have very low bioavailability (close to 0%), but don’t let that fool you! The local absorption rate of CBD into the skin and surrounding tissue can be as high as 45%, making our pain creams and CBD Massage Oils highly effective at treating localised CBD needs.

A Wonderful Addition for General Wellness

Our range of CBD spa products, such as CBD Candles and Bath Bombs, actually pack more of a punch than you might expect! As with vaping, inhaled CBD has a very high bioavailability, however in this case the CBD is dispersed throughout the air, meaning only a small amount will actually be absorbed as you breathe. These experiences are tailored by HempWell to be subtle and relaxing, elevating your me-time without overshadowing it. If you take CBD for specific symptoms or conditions, these products are not a substitute. However, they’re still a great way to relax!



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