CBD Food


CBD gummies are indulgent sweets flavoured with 100% vegan ingredients. Easy to carry around wherever you go, you can rest assured going about your day with the help of CBD gummies on hand whenever you need that extra boost!

Choose from a vast selection of delicious flavours; apple, pineapple and strawberry, bubblegum, cherries, fruit mix and many more…

CDB edibles are also available in different strengths.

CBD Gummies - Take control over the mg of CBD per gummy

Get your CBD fix in a delicious way with our CBD gummies. With two different dosage options, you can have as much control as you like over your CBD intake - from a subtle boost with one of our delicious 10mg CBD gummies, to a stronger wellbeing touch-up with a melt-in-your-mouth 25mg gummy, ready to take whenever you need it most. With the options to control your intake as much as you like, you can easily reach your 70mg recommended CBD limit throughout a day, all by indulging yourself in a sweet & sugary treat! CBD is also great at encouraging healthy digestion, making our gummies great for dessert.

Treat yourself to a luxury product

We believe that everyone deserves to treat themselves with luxury. Whether you’re a long-time CBD customer or have never even heard of it before, it’s never too late to start your CBD journey & treat yourself. Gummies can be a perfect way to bridge the gap between trying CBD for the first time and incorporating our products into your daily routine - and with the ability to take them as and when you need them, it’s a great way to really observe the difference CBD is making to you and your lifestyle in a controlled manner.

Flexible & dependable

Worried about the day ahead? Pop a pot of our CBD gummies into your bag as you leave the house, and you can go about your day assured that we are here to help. Feeling anxious or having a stressful day? Our gummies contain CBD for anxiety, stress, restlessness and many other common problems you may experience in your day to day life. If you’re having a moment, feeling overwhelmed, or simply not feeling quite like yourself, it couldn’t be easier to grab a CBD gummy from your bag, and go about the rest of your day feeling rejuvenated and relaxed. Our gummies are sugar-coated, meaning they can also help to boost your energy levels should you be feeling lethargic or tired - while still calming you down and regulating your body & mind. What better way to reduce your anxiety leaving the house, knowing you have a quality, lab-tested product right by your side whenever you need it.