CBD Massage Oils

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Unwind and relax with our premium massage oils, scientifically formulated to relax & moisturise sore muscles and joints. After a long day at work, what better way to unwind than with some rest and relaxation specially designed to relieve you and your tired muscles. Combined with a carefully selected combination of essential oils for a relaxing aromatherapy experience.

Available in different strengths.

Up to 1000mg CBD

Our CBD massage oils come in two carefully formulated dosages; 500mg and 1000mg CBD. Breathe new life into your evening wind-down with our smooth and moisturising 500mg massage oil, and gently relax and unwind your tired muscles from the day before. Allow yourself 15 minutes away from your normal routine to feel that luxurious feeling that our CBD massage oil is sure to give you. Or relieve and repair your worn out muscles and joints with our strongest 1000mg massage oil; stop worrying about overexerting yourself and your muscles for the next day with our fast-acting oils, and go to bed every night feeling calm and pain-free with our premium CBD.

Promotes Wellbeing

CBD is a great way to take your self-care routine to the next level. Many of us use our evening routines as a chance to fully unwind both body and mind, and our CBD massage oils can help you to achieve this. As you massage our premium oils into your skin, the CBD gets to work moisturising and untensing your muscles and skin, leaving your mind and body calm and de-stressed. As you relax, CBD’s calming properties help keep your mind clear and refreshed, leaving you with an evening routine like no other. Learn more about how CBD promotes wellbeing here.

Made in Yorkshire

We’re a Yorkshire brand, born and bred. I Love Zero is located in Pocklington, a small market town located in the East Riding Of Yorkshire. We’re proud of our Yorkshire roots. All of HempWells CBD products oils are made just down the road from us right in their lab at the York Science Park, part of the University of York. They source most of their ingredients from local Yorkshire suppliers too, so buying CBD products from us supports HempWell which  in turn supports local businesses as a whole.

100% Organic and Vegan

Our CBD products are made from 100% organic, plant-based ingredients. We grow our own hemp, so we decide how it’s grown! Hemp can be tricky to grow commercially, and many farmers resort to harsh pesticides and synthetic fertilisers, but not us. We choose to grow our hemp organically - not just to protect the environment - but to ensure our products are truly exceptional. Taking CBD is an investment in your wellbeing, so make sure you choose high quality! Check out our full range of vegan CBD products here.

Quality & Artisanal

Knowing our supply chain means we sell best quality CBD massage oils.  They are blended at HempWells where they hand-fill each bottle. Their state-of-the-art lab at the York Science Park allows us them to create a product of exceptional quality. The CBD industry is unfortunately plagued by companies using substandard practices and ingredients to save money, but not us. We believe in quality over quantity, and think that everyone deserves the chance to reap the benefits of premium quality CBD. Let us curate quality CBD products for you.

Ethically Sourced

We strive to offer customers the best possible CBD experience, and that includes ensuring honest business practices at all stages of production. With HempWell products we know all of their hemp is sourced from their very own farm in Bulgaria, with complete EU certification and regulation throughout. Even nowadays, many CBD manufacturers source their hemp from exploitative farming operations in developing countries, but not HempWell. We’re proud to operate on a seed-to-shelf model, with all of the CBD used in our products being 100% sourceable and ethical.