CBD Patches

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Designed to be a discreet and continuous CBD delivery system, our top-quality CBD patches are the easiest way to take your daily CBD, without having to worry about or calculate your dosage!

Available in different strengths.

Up to 50mg CBD

We offer a variety of strengths of CBD in our patches, meaning you have all the power to decide how much you want, and how strong you want the effects of our products to be.

Opt for a 24mg patch once a day, and know that you are being given that subtle boost throughout your day to reduce your stress levels, ease out your muscles and even help you drift off to sleep at night - our patches last for 24 hours, so even while you’re sleeping, CBD will still be entering your system and ensuring you have a high quality night of rest.

Alternatively, try out our 50mg patches and feel a stronger continuous effect - we recommend reapplying patches as soon as your last one runs out, so you can live your life constantly with the aid of CBD.

Can you imagine a life of relaxation & stress-free days? It could be yours in an instant with the constant support of our 50mg CBD patches. Of course, you can also start with a lower dose and work your way up for a more subtle and yet equally effective change to your everyday lifestyle.

Stress-free Application

CBD patches are the easiest way to take your CBD - not just in application, but also in upkeep. Putting patches on couldn’t be easier; simply pop one directly onto your skin, and you’re done! But this isn’t the best part - that’s all you have to do.

Once your patch is applied and you’ve begun your day, your entire CBD routine for the day is sorted!

CBD patches are designed to last 24 hours, meaning you can use them once a day, every day, and you will be constantly supported by CBD. For the best results, incorporate CBD patches into your daily routine when you wake up, to boost your whole day and night.

Our CBD patches also have a fixed dosage, so you can track to the milligram exactly how much CBD is entering your body. No need to worry about taking too much or too little!

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